MHD fractionalized Jeffrey fluid over an accelerated slipping porous plate

Muhammad Jamil, Abdul Haleem
2020 Nonlinear Engineering  
AbstractThe primary target of this paper is to obtain the analytic solutions for the incompressible unsteady flow of fractionalized MHD Jeffrey fluid over an accelerating porous plate with linear slip effect is assumed between fluid and the plate. The governing equations of Jeffrey fluid are developed by fractional calculus approach. The velocity distribution and its corresponding shear stress both are obtained in terms of generalized M-function by using Laplace transform technique and
more » ... ng all initial and boundary conditions. We have also discussed that obtained results of fractionalized MHD Jeffrey fluid for different cases for instance, with and without slip effects, with and without MHD and porosity effects. The influence of the different parameters affected on the flow characteristic is deliberated with the help of graphs. Finally, the analysis among different fluid models exhibits by graphical illustrations.
doi:10.1515/nleng-2020-0015 fatcat:ntdbdwexprc5bhnc6fvyk3t2ey