Rational and Empiric Antibiotic Prescription in General Medicine Department

Jampala Raghu Ram, Nandagopal Anitha, Ishrath Unnisa
2016 Journal of Pharmaceutical Research  
Aim : Objective : Methodology : Results : The aim of this study is to determine the rational and empiric antibiotic prescription in General Medicine Department. To determine the appropriate use of antibiotics and to empirical antibiotic therapy. To obtain information on the antibiotic prescribing pattern and the disease condition for which antibiotics are prescribed. A prospective-observational study was performed for a period of eight months from December toJuly in a multidisciplinary
more » ... sciplinary hospital. During the study 238 prescriptions were reviewed. Among them 210 prescriptions which contains antibiotics were selected. Data was collected from patient's medication orders and all the necessary treatment details were collected. The result was found that majority of the prescriptions were of male 115(54.76%) compared to female 95(45.24%). Antibiotic monotherapy was observed mostly in 162(77.14%). Majority of the prescriptions were managed with antibiotic monotherapy, thus preventing the over usage of antibiotics. Indications most commonly treated were fever 67(31.90%),urinary tract infections 27(12.8%) followed by other diseases. 47(22.3%) medication orders contain fixed dose combinations. The major route was found to be parenteral in 163 out of 210 prescriptions. The major class of drugs were cephalosporins. They were used in about 170(63.23%) prescriptions. The most common empirical therapy was given by third generation cephalosporinceftriaxone. Empirical therapy mostly covers broad spectrum antibiotics which are useful for the treatment of various pathogens. The study concludes that by the appropriate antibiotic prescription, treatment success rate was found to be higher. Rational fixed dose combinations were prescribed. Cephalosporins were the most commonly prescribed in empirical therapy.
doi:10.18579/jpcrkc/2016/15/4/108817 fatcat:3c6b43z2pjc5bkllekmf5uid3u