Phase and Structural Transformations of High-Carbon Alloy of the Fe–V–C System During Chemical-Thermal Processing and Deformation

O. V. Movchan, K. O. Chernoivanenko
2019 Metallofizika i novejsie tehnologii  
The regularities of the phase and structural transformations during decarburization of a high-carbon Fe-V-C alloy are studied. The eutectic L → γ + VC transformation is established by the geometric thermodynamics method and metallographic analysis. This transformation is accompanied by a diffusion redistribution of the carbide-forming elements ahead of the crystallization front. Decarburization in a liquid-solid state allows forming a favourable structure with VC fibres oriented perpendicularly
more » ... to the surface in the nearsurface zone. Structural changes, which occur under deformation in a liquidsolid state, in preliminary decarburized synthetic vanadium-containing cast iron are investigated. The regularities of structure formation in various diffusion zones during subsequent carburization are revealed. As shown, the subsequent carburization of a pre-decarburized Fe-V-C alloy under special conditions makes it possible to obtain a natural composite with high wear resistance in the surface layer. Secondary hardness and heat resistance of carbonized layer of vanadium-containing cast iron deformed in a liquid-solid state after the final heat treatment are studied.
doi:10.15407/mfint.41.02.0251 fatcat:6fcigzumavg5toarh4dq6bir74