H.O. Gunewabdene
1920 The Lancet  
73 states that the left arm " trembled " at night when in bed. After four months the tremor of the left arm had become almost constant, and the same symptom was beginning in the lower limbs. A medical board, in October, 1918, noted the above symptoms, together with a progressive loss of power in the legs, and the facial expression was reported as being " fixed." Condition on examination (1920).-He complains of general stiffness and weakness, the latter being especially pronounced in the left
more » ... and leg, palpitation, vertiginous sensations, and tremulousness. Cranial nerves: Pupils equal and react normally, no nystagmus, ocular muscles normal, fundi normal. The face shows the characteristic immobility and lack of expression described as " Parkinson's mask." His speech is dull and pitched in a monotone. There are left-sided hyper-eesthesia and hyperalgesia, and cold is felt more acutely on the left side. Motor attitude: The trunk and limbs are held rigidly, and all movements are executed with marked slowness. The gait
doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(01)01303-4 fatcat:mwmlchfyibhglj5aqu67vcaptq