School and out-of-school physical activity of children in rural areas

Podstawski Robert, Omelan Aneta, Zapert Monika, Żurek Piotr
Annotations: Purpose: The aim of the study was to assess the level of school and outof-school physical activity of children living in rural area at the early stage of their education. Material: The research was conducted in 2009 at primary school in Świętajno (a village). The study group consisted of 42 girls and 44 boys from the 1 st , 2 nd and 3 rd grade of primary school, aged 7-10. The children were chosen by means of a purposeful selection and surveyed by a questionnaire consisting of five
more » ... consisting of five open-ended and five closed-ended questions. Results: The research showed that the children living in the rural area at the early stage of their education eagerly participated in the classes of physical education held at school. The most popular physical activities among the children included: games and plays with the ball and other equipment, running, gymnastics (among girls) and matches and competitions (among boys). The outdoor physical activities in which the children were involved outside of school were spontaneous and unorganized including mainly cycling, roller-skating, skating or skiing. Conclusions: A marginal percentage of children participated in out-of-school sports trainings or other physical education-oriented classes (e.g. swimming lessons). A relatively high percentage of children devoted a great deal of their free time to watching television, DVDs or playing on the computer. Цитируйте эту статью как: Подставки Роберт, Омелан Анета, Заперт Моника, Зурек Петр. Школьная и внешкольная физическая активность детей в сельских районах// Физическое воспитание студентов.