NCAR Graphics User's Guide : Version 2.00 [report]

Fred Clare, Dave Kennison, Bob Lackman, University Corporation For Atmospheric Research (UCAR):National Center For Atmospheric Research (NCAR):NCAR Library (NCARLIB)
This manual is a reference guide for users of the NCAR Graphics package. The manual is for use by two audiences: people who have never used a previous NCAR graphics package, and those who have used previous NCAR graphics packages and now need to convert to NCAR Graphics. Both groups need to read this "Introduction" section of the manual to get an overview of how NCAR Graphics works and to determine which other parts of the manual to use. This manual is for use with NCAR Graphics, Version 2.00.
more » ... his manual and the NCAR Graphics Installer's Guide (NCAR/TN-284+IA) replace The NCAR GKS-Compatible Graphics System (NCAR/TN-267+IA).
doi:10.5065/d69z92tc fatcat:s23rxpblqza5fjuqdcfklzgxme