General Chemotactic Model of Oscillators

Dan Tanaka
2007 Physical Review Letters  
Nonlinear coupling between inter- and intra-element dynamics appears as a collective behaviour of elements. The elements in this paper denote symptoms such as a bacterium having an internal network of genes and proteins, a reactive droplet, a neuron in networks, etc. In order to elucidate the capability of such systems, a simple and reasonable model is derived. This model exhibits the rich patterns of systems such as cell membrane, cell fusion, cell growing, cell division, firework, branch, and
more » ... clustered clusters (self-organized hierarchical structure, modular network). This model is extremely simple yet powerful; therefore, it is expected to impact several disciplines.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.99.134103 pmid:17930594 fatcat:wllyy5qlavhvxmk6gyhysu567m