International Journal of Multidisciplinary Approach and Studies Analysis of Rainfall Trends and Variability Barkot of Uttarakhand

Haseen Ahmad
The present study is an effort to collect detailed and authentic information about the climate change and rainfall trend, variations in, mid-Himalaya region, Barkot of Uttarakhand. Precipitation is an important climatic parameter for analysis of rainfall pattern, to detect trend and variability of a region, which may have impacts of changing climate patterns, extreme weather conditions, increasing rainfall events and floods. Rainfall time series over a period of 28 years (1985-2012), from
more » ... d observational evidence has been processed to detect statistically significant trend and variability, annually, seasonally and monthly, by parametric and non parametric statistical test, in relationship between rainfall and time, regression analysis and coefficient of determination. Non parametric study of Mann-Kendal test and Sen's Slope estimator are applied for detection of trend and slope magnitude. Annually monthly, parametric and non parametric trend and seasonal parametric trends of rainfall and variability are identified; significant and non significant increasing and decreasing monotonic trend and variation in the rainfall time series, to achieve the objective of this research, and concludes that there are fluctuations, significant and insignificant changes in the region.