Microstructure Analysis of HPb59-1 Brass Induced by High Current Pulsed Electron Beam

Jike Lyu, Bo Gao, Liang Hu, Shuaidan Lu, Ganfeng Tu
2016 High Temperature Materials and Processes  
AbstractIn this paper, the effects of high current pulsed electron beam (HCPEB) on the microstructure evolution of casting HPb59-1 (Cu 57.1 mass%, Pb 1.7 mass% and Zn balance) alloy were investigated. The results showed a "wavy" surface which was formed with Pb element existing in the forms of stacking block and microparticles on the top surface layer after treatment. Nanocrystalline structures including Pb grains and two phases (α and β) were formed on the top remelted layer and their sizes
more » ... and their sizes were all less than 100 nm. The disordered β phase was generated in the surface layer after HCPEB treatment, which is beneficial for the improvement of surface properties. Meanwhile, there was a large residual stress on the alloy surface, along with the appearance of microcracks, and the preferred orientations of grains also changed.
doi:10.1515/htmp-2015-0030 fatcat:4v2nyj3m7rhophk5x3k7qfihdm