Self-Consistent Dynamics of a Josephson Junction in the Presence of an Arbitrary Environment

Philippe Joyez
2013 Physical Review Letters  
We derive microscopically the dynamics associated with the d.c. Josephson effect in a superconducting tunnel junction interacting with an arbitrary electromagnetic environment. To do so, we extend to superconducting junctions the so-called P(E) theory (see e.g. Ingold and Nazarov, arXiv:cond-mat/0508728) that accurately describes the interaction of a nonsuperconducting tunnel junction with its environment. We show the dynamics of this system is described by a small set of coupled correlation
more » ... ctions that take into account both Cooper pair and quasiparticle tunneling. When the phase fluctuations are small the problem is fully solved self-consistently, using and providing the exact linear admittance Y(ω) of the interacting junction.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.110.217003 pmid:23745914 fatcat:yjb3klp7ifelhhdz7sc4pkyvzm