Von Smartphones, Informationsnetzwerken und Misstrauen – Mediennutzung im Kontext von Flucht

Carola Richter, al.
2018 ZFlucht. Zeitschrift für Flüchtlingsforschung. The German Journal for Refugee Studies  
This article is based on a survey of 404 people who fled to Germany in 2015/16. The study analyses their media use before, during and after flight. It focuses on how and which digital media refugees use in these different phases and where prospective refugees obtain information about the target country of their flight. The results show that their media use is characterized by interpersonal communication that is primarily digitally mediated. The study discusses the results against 292
doi:10.5771/2509-9485-2018-2-292 fatcat:r4ozgmmqrzchvoq7eqwhnjarr4