Информационное обеспечение процесса бюджетирования на предприятиях оборонно-промышленного комплекса

А.М. Батьковский, А.В. Фомина, А.В. Фомина, А.М. Батьковский
For the quality management of any business entity, an optimal amount of information is necessary, since its lack does not allow to get a complete picture of the subject being studied and make the right decision. Under the information support of budgeting at the enterprise of the military-industrial complex, we mean the information space of the subject area under consideration, which is reflected in the form of information objects expressing the totality of its real objects. The article explores
more » ... he article explores the concept of "information support of budgeting" as an object of management, considers its role in the activities of enterprises of the military-industrial complex. In the course of the research, problems that developers of information support for the budgeting process are faced with are identified. To solve them, a scientific and methodological toolkit for improving this support has been proposed. The practical implementation of the developed tools allows to increase the efficiency of the budgeting process at the enterprises of the military-industrial complex.
doi:10.34755/irok.2020.30.26.107 fatcat:7i45dxukfrbntcaq23qenfhd2a