WSN Teaching Construction Based on OBE

Su Ying
2019 Journal of Communication and Computer  
This paper deeply analyzes the gap between the current WSN teaching status and the OBE concept, and on this basis, proposes the teaching improvement of the curriculum, including the re-setting of the training objectives, the adoption of the hybrid teaching model, and the student-centered curriculum construction. Oriented assessment and reform, and based on output or results, apply CDIO's engineering ideas to the teaching process, use the project as a medium to break the barriers of the
more » ... ers of the disciplines, and let the students integrate the knowledge of each professional discipline from the perspective of engineering and cultivate them. Engineering thinking, improving students' self-learning ability, hands-on practical ability, innovative ability and teamwork ability have certain practical significance for improving the quality of applied talents in applied local universities.
doi:10.17265/1548-7709/2019.01.004 fatcat:sddclvhehndqbgooiujzja3wcq