Security in Connectivity Of connection Establishment

Durga Bhavani Dasari
2017 International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer and Information Security  
We gift AN economical and provably-secure evokingprotocol, that may be a variant of the JCJ e-voting protocol (Juels et al., 2010). It decreases the whole variety of JCJ's operations from O (n2) to O (n), wherever n is that the variety of votes or voters (whichever is that the maximum). Note that since the operations into consideration are long (e.g., public-key encryption), the advance is sort of substantial. As a rough comparison, contemplate a nationwide election with around 10 million
more » ... /votes. presumptuous every operation takes one unit of time, and no parallelization is employed, one will see an enormous difference: our protocol tallies the votes in ten seconds, whereas the JCJ protocol needs over three years to tally the votes. so as to realize this level of potency, we modify the ballot format and therefore the tallying part of the JCJ protocol. Moreover, we offer a complexness analysis and a close proof for coercion-resistance of our protocol.
doi:10.21742/ijacis.2017.1.1.04 fatcat:3v3hzgu2x5gazdtirtjjeykcg4