A 10-MJ Active Rotary Flux Compressor for Driving Xenon Flashlamps [article]

W.F. Weldon
An eight-pole, drum-type active rotary flux compressor (ARFC) has been designed to replace an 85 percent efficient 10-MJ (stored) capacitor bank for driving xenon flashlamps for solid-state lasers. The conceptual machine has a 1.1-m diameter rotor and will deliver 8.5 MJ at 18 kV from a speed of 2,680 rpm. Peak current is 750 kA with a 670 ~s pulse width (FWHM). Air-gap armature and compensating windings are bonded to fully laminated M-19 steel rotor and stator assemblies using a Fiberglas
more » ... ng a Fiberglas insulation system that is vacuum-pressure-impregnated with a high shear strength epoxy resin. This construction yields an inductance variation or flux compression ratio of 158:1. The ARFC is a vertical-shaft generator and is driven by an 800-hp variable speed de motor drive. An 800-kJ, 22-kV start-up capacitor bank is required to establish initial magnetic flux in the machine. The xenon flashlamps in series with the ARFC and start-up bank constitute the switching element to trigger the discharge.
doi:10.15781/t2nt1m fatcat:ilme6a4chrfv7cpnqlu7pkfmx4