Species richness and composition of butterfly with reference to anthropogenic activities in the wildlife management areas, Southern Tanzania

Ally Nkwabi, Steven Liseki, John Bukombe, Hamza Kija, Emmanuel Mmassy, Machoke Mwita, Ally Nkwabi, Steven Liseki, John Bukombe, Hamza Kija, Emmanuel Mmassy, Robert Otsyina (+3 others)
2017 34 International Journal of Fauna and Biological Studies   unpublished
The objectives of this study were to assess butterfly communities, and to determine the influence of disturbance on individual butterflies, species richness and composition within five Wildlife Management Areas (Mbarang'andu, Kimbanda, Kisungule in Namtumbo District; Nalika and Chingoli in Tunduru Didistict) located in Ruvuma landscape. The survey was conducted between September and November 2014 using sweep nets and visual observations. A total of 545 butterflies from 90 species that belong to
more » ... cies that belong to 6 families, were recorded. Butterfly species richness was highest in Mbarang'andu (28.7±0.81) and lowest in Kimbanda (2.2±0.29). Mean number of individual butterfly was higher (3.1±0.26) in miombo woodlands compared to riverine forest (2.9±0.37). Further destruction of vegetation could affect species richness and abundance, hence; we recommend that more resources and effort such as human resource be in place to safe guard these Wildlife Management Areas from any environmental degradation for the benefit of present and future generation.