Cystadenoma and cystadenocarcinoma of the pancreas

1962 Journal of Clinical Pathology  
Book reviews preparations can be made by drying the stained section in air and then mounting in Fluormount (E. Gurr, Ltd.), though this treatment sometimes causes a reduction in fluorescence. COMMENT The freeze-dried sections are equally suitable for identifying the autoantibody against thyroglobulin (Figure 1 ), and the CA2 antibody first described by Balfour et al. (1961) for which immunofluorescence provides the only known method of detection. The technique is also sufficiently reliable for
more » ... se in reverse, so to speak, for studying the reactions of thyroid biopsy material with autoimmune sera of known specificity. Because of the excellent preservation of stored sections, there is clearly no necessity for all laboratories interested in the detection of autoantibodies to thyroid to carry out the freeze-drying, embedding, and microtomy themselves. It should be possible to have embedded blocks or mounted sections prepared commercially for routine laboratory use.
doi:10.1136/jcp.15.6.595-a fatcat:t2tof6pg6zf5no6sxcqemxzgai