Different coordination modes for disulfoxides towards diorganotin(IV) dichlorides. X-ray crystal structures of 1,2-cis-bis-(phenylsulfinyl)ethene (rac-,cis-cbpse) and adducts [{Ph2SnCl2(meso-bpse)}n] and [{n-Bu2SnCl2(pdtd)}2]

Gerimário F. de Sousa, Javier Ellena, Valéria R. S. Malta, José D. Ardisson
2009 Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society  
possess a distorted octahedral geometry with bridging disulfoxides in cis and n-butyl moieties in trans positions. The spectroscopic data indicated that the adduct containing the rac,cis-cbpse ligand can be dimeric or polymeric. The X-ray structural analysis of the free rac-,cis-cbpse sulfoxide revealed that the crystals belong to the C2/c space group.
doi:10.1590/s0103-50532009000800008 fatcat:2j3rouesaff7vgpg42nj7ukbrm