Research on Hybrid Crop Breeding Information Management System Based on Combining Ability Analysis

Yan-yun Han, Kai-yi Wang, Zhong-qiang Liu, Shou-hui Pan, Xiang-yu Zhao, Qi Zhang, Shu-feng Wang
2020 Sustainability  
Combining ability analysis can be used to preliminarily identify the advantages and disadvantages of combinations and parents in earlier generations, enabling breeders to reduce the range of material, save breeding time, and improve breeding efficiency. An approach for combining ability analysis through the hybrid crop breeding information management system is presented. The general combining ability prediction effect of parents and the specific combining ability prediction effect of
more » ... s are calculated to analyze hybrid combinations using the hybrid crop breeding information management system. The results provide the basis for parent selection and combination selection. The plant breeding trial management function of the system can provide convenient diallel crossing trial design, field planting plan, and combining ability analysis. In the system, the genealogy of breeding materials is traced with the combining ability test crosses. The selection of high-generation breeding materials can be performed in accordance with the combining ability test results of early generation materials. The system has been successfully applied to a large Chinese seed company. The combining ability test function automates data analysis and eliminates days in the decision-making process. The efficiency of the combining ability test analysis and test report generation has improved to more than double by using the system.
doi:10.3390/su12124938 fatcat:qje6rurlkjeixjhsww3pjbksze