Artificial General Intelligence: A New Perspective, with Application to Scientific Discovery [post]

A. M. Khalili
2019 unpublished
The dream of building machines that have human-level intelligence has inspired scientists for decades. Remarkable advances have been made recently; however, we are still far from achieving this goal. In this paper, I propose a new perspective on how these machines might be built focusing on the scientific discovery process which represents one of our highest abilities that requires a high level of reasoning and remarkable problem-solving ability. By trying to replicate the procedures followed
more » ... many scientists, the basic idea of the proposed approach is to apply a set of principles on concept maps to solve problems and discover new knowledge. These principles are extracted from different historical examples of scientific discoveries. Building machines that fully incorporate these principles in an automated way might open the doors for many advancements.
doi:10.31224/ fatcat:y2bfenoe5jgdhlka6imo2ogg4a