Entropy Generation Optimization in Squeezing Magnetohydrodynamics Flow of Casson Nanofluid with Viscous Dissipation and Joule Heating Effect

Muhammad Zubair, Zahir Shah, Abdullah Dawar, Saeed Islam, Poom Kumam, Aurangzeb Khan
2019 Entropy  
In this research article, the investigation of the three-dimensional Casson nanofluid flow in two rotating parallel plates has been presented. The nanofluid has been considered in steady state. The rotating plates have been considered porous. The heat equation is considered to study the magnetic field, joule heating, and viscous dissipation impacts. The nonlinear ordinary system of equations has been solved analytically and numerically. For skin friction and Nusslt number, numerical results are
more » ... merical results are tabulated. It is found that velocity declines for higher values of magnetic and porosity parameter while it is heightened through squeezing parameter. Temperature is an enhancing function for Eckert number and nanoparticles volume fraction. Entropy generation is augmented with radiation parameter, Prandtl, and Eckert numbers. The Casson, porosity, magnetic field, and rotation parameters were reduced while the squeezing and suction parameters increased the velocity profile along x-direction. The porosity parameter increased the Bejan number while the Eckert and Prandtl numbers decreased the Bejan number. Skin friction was enhanced with increasing the Casson, porosity, and magnetic parameters while it decreased with enhancing rotation and squeezing parameters. All these impacts have been shown via graphs. The influences by fluid flow parameters over skin friction and Nusselt number are accessible through tables.
doi:10.3390/e21080747 pmid:33267461 fatcat:q6oc56nse5eyvgxr2zrkx2zafm