The Place of Lalle (Henna) in the Hausa Sociocultural and Tradimedical Practices

Dr. Musa Fadama Gummi, Abu-Ubaida Sani
2023 Scholars International Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine  
This paper explored the sociocultural, tradimedical, and religious relevance of henna in the Hausa land. The scope is limited to the old Sokoto province, now comprising three states. The research employed a survey method to obtain data from two strata sampled populations through one-to-one interviews. The research has found henna to be a shrub of enormous value and great relevance in the Hausa culture. That includes its relevance and values in different domains of life, including health,
more » ... n, as well as socio-economic dealings. However, despite the numerous uses of the henna plant in Hausa culture, it is observed that henna plant cultivation has greatly reduced. Its usage is almost substituted with modern artificial products. It is gradually getting extinct as its cultivation has greatly reduced in most areas of the region (Sokoto province). The paper finally suggested among others that the government and other relevant parastatals should see to the reviving and modernizing the traditional practices, including by supporting the local farmers, conducting clinical research on the product, as well as technologically processing it.
doi:10.36348/sijtcm.2023.v06i01.002 fatcat:h3hjzhg4bzccrgyzkok6kd4psq