New High Service Stand Pipe, Jeesey City Heights

1891 Scientific American  
This stand pipe was erected for the purpose of forc in� water above the first floors of houses on Jersey City Hei�hts. The pipe is 100 feet in height and 6 feet in diameter. It is put up in twenty-two courses of wrou�ht iron, of three different thicknesses_ The first seven cour8es are made of 7:l' inch iron, seven of the next out of % inch, and the last eight out of l� inch iron. Each course was put up in two separate pieces and riveted together. Erwh course is 4 feet in height. The stand pipe
more » ... ht. The stand pipe is riveted at the bottom to an iron casting, 8 feet ill diameter. The casting has one 24 J citutifit �mtritau. will lie flat when dry, and be less troublesome in after manipulations_ After the print is dry, color ac cording to taste, Illaking the coloring as brilliant as possible. Now fasten to the colored side a film positive which has been printed from the same negative. The two combined will produce very artistic effects, and will meet with ready sale. To Olle who knows nothing of how they are produl'ed, the effects are very pnzzling, and when well and carefully done the picture is really artistic and beautiful.-St. Lrntis Photog1·aphel'.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican08151891-102 fatcat:6pdego67sjhv7ddjq7vlzubs4i