Impact ofβ-Turn Sequence onβ-Hairpin Dynamics Studied with Infrared-Detected Temperature Jump

Alexander Popp, Ling Wu, Timothy A. Keiderling, Karin Hauser
2012 Spectroscopy (Ottawa)  
Folding dynamics forβ-structure loss and disordered structure gain were studied in a modelβ-hairpin peptide based on Cochran's tryptophan zipper peptide Trpzip2, but with an altered Thr-Gly (TG) turn sequence, that is, SWTWETGKWTWK, using laser-induced temperature-jump (T-jump) kinetics with IR detection. As has been shown previously, the TG turn sequence reduces the thermodynamicβ-hairpin stability as compared to the Asn-Gly sequence used in Trpzip2 (TZ2-NG). In this study, we found that the
more » ... -turn slows down the overall relaxation dynamics as compared to TZ2-NG, which were studied at higher temperatures where the time constants show little difference between relaxation of theβ-strand and the disordered conformation. These time constants become equivalent at lower temperatures for TZ2-TG than was seen for TZ2-NG. The correlation of thermodynamic stability and rates of relaxation suggests that the change from NG to TG turn results in a slowing of folding, lowerkf, with less change of the unfolding rate,ku, assuming two state behavior at higher temperatures.
doi:10.1155/2012/102423 fatcat:susls4cbrbd6jpivrfo6thervq