Research for control method of brush-less DC motor using bi-directional quasi-Z-source converter in EVs

Li Zhu, Mingwei Ren
2018 Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Mechanical, Electronic, Control and Automation Engineering (MECAE 2018)   unpublished
A novel brush-less DC motor, with two drive methods based on bi-directional quasi-Z-source converter is studied in this paper. The parameters of quasi-Z-source network are respectively designed in square-wave and sine-wave drive methods. The BLDCM control system that applies to micro electric vehicle is also proposed in this paper. It is more suitable than the traditional control system. The performance of speed and torque can be improved by utilizing the shoot-through state to boost and
more » ... ate the DC voltage. It can effectively broaden the running conditions of EVs. The simulation results are analyzed in detail to demonstrate the validity, veracity and instantaneity of the system.   (1)
doi:10.2991/mecae-18.2018.89 fatcat:4h67z3jhrzhbrpjirbfvx7slui