Izabela Kiełtyk-Zaborowska
2017 Profesìonalìzm Pedagoga: Teoretičnì j Metodičnì Aspekti  
The issue, disclosed in the article, is still relevant, because it supports a child's creative activity through his/her contact with the literature. Moreover, a book genres influence the linguistic awareness, aesthetic sensitivity, develops the imagination and the ability to speak properly. Developing reading habits and close contact with art positively affects the child. So the aim of the article is to show the importance of supporting the child in creative tasks using the fiction texts. Much
more » ... ttention is given to the fact that literature for children in pre-school, school and home education influences the expansion of a child's vocabulary and imagination. Constant complementation of teachers' and parents' activities in shaping reading interests of children influences their versatile development. Books evoke emotions, they teach how to behave in a proper way and they enrich the awareness of the surrounding world. Both teachers and parents should choose the right texts for a young reader taking into consideration his/her perceptive skills. Ever present humour in belles-lettres for children (vocabulary, situational humour or the protagonists in the books) definitely provides children with joy and positive emotions. The contact with belles-lettres texts allows to develop interests of children connected with stage, theatre or music which is frequently a meaningful element of plays based on books for young children. It is also reported that both poetry and prose texts should be included into young readers' collection. But the text should be adapted to the child's perceptual abilities, in terms of form, content, and language. Family reading is important for developing the child's reading interests, becoming one of the participants influencing the cultural environment of the family. The author concludes that supporting children in creative tasks using fiction texts and their forms such as theater, press, radio, television develops imagination, influences vocabulary enrichment, and the ability to use language material c [...]
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