Association of thyroid dysfunction in patients with biliary calculus: A study in tertiary care hospital

Manjunath Irappa Wali, Anupama Pujar K, Koteswararao Mukkapati
2020 International Journal of Surgery Science  
For decades there has been discussion whether thyroid disorders could cause gall stone disease. There could be several explanations for possible relation between hypothyroidism and gall stone disease. Objective: To know the association of thyroid functions tests in diagnosed cases of gall stone disease. Setting: It is a prospective study. 200 patients with biliary calculi were included in the study. Result: 143(71.5%) were females and 57(28.5%) were males with median age was 40 yrs. Thyroid
more » ... 40 yrs. Thyroid disorder in form of hypothyroidism was found in 37(18.5%) patients (high TSH levels than normal value for their age), 28(19.6%) were females and 9(15.8%) males. Among 37 hypothyroidism cases 21(10.5%) are subclinical hypothyroidism and 16(8%) were clinical hypothyroidism. Clinically 37 out of 200 patients high level of TSH is statistically not significant (p= 0.849). However low levels of T3 levels associated with high TSH in clinical hypothyroidism is statistically significant (p=0.047). Conclusion: It was concluded in our study there was high TSH levels in patients with biliary calculi but it's not statistically significant however low T3 with high TSH has statistically significant.
doi:10.33545/surgery.2020.v4.i2g.455 fatcat:l5p4y7ay3bfidnajq7qreo4wmm