Spatial and Temporal Evolution of Sowing and the Onset of the Rainy Season in a Region of Large Agricultural Expansion in Brazil

Humberto Paiva Fonseca, Gabrielle Ferreira Pires, Livia Maria Brumatti
2022 Agronomy  
In order to assist in high-yield agricultural management in multiple cropping systems, it is essential to understand the link between the rainy season onset and crops sowing dates, since it considerably affects the management, yield and output. We built crop calendars derived from remote sensing products and investigated the link between sowing dates and the onset of the rainy season in irrigated and rainfed agriculture in Western Bahia, a new and important agricultural frontier in Brazilian
more » ... rado. Crop sowing dates were obtained from green-up dates from 2001 to 2019. Rainy season onset dates were determined using CHIRPS daily precipitation data. Results indicate that sowing occurs from 26 October to 15 November and the rainy season starts from 17 to 27 October. Rainfed sowing dates are strongly correlated to rainy season onset and are particularly affected in years where rains are delayed. Sowing dates in irrigated pixels occur up to 25 days earlier than rainfed and are not correlated to rainy season onset. Irrigated farms are sowing earlier and in a shorter window than rainfed, with a stronger resilience in years where rains are delayed, and have adapted their sowing operation towards a more intensive agriculture and efficient water use during the rainy season.
doi:10.3390/agronomy12071679 fatcat:jdzf2c5zyvhivj4nfqndxel3mq