Design And Fabrication of Compact And High Performance C Band OMT

Rahul G
2019 International Journal of Microwave Engineering  
This paper presents the design, simulation and fabrication of simple C band orthomode transducer (OMT) machined in two identical parts for manufacturing easiness. This device offers compact size and high electrical performance. The device consists of a common circular input port and rectangular ports for horizontal and vertical polarization separation. The common port has a direct transition from circular to rectangular waveguide for the through port coupling. The side port coupling is done via
more » ... oupling is done via coupling slot and waveguide transition. The design of the device utilises the concept of class I asymmetric based OMT and intermediate truncated circular waveguide. The device is simulated and optimised in CST Microwave Studio and the simulated results of the device are compared with the measured results. The measured return losses of the both rectangular ports are better than 20dB, port to port isolation greater than 50dB and cross-polarization discrimination better than 35dB.The measured results were in good agreement with the simulated results.
doi:10.5121/jmicro.2019.5401 fatcat:35aa3qoc3vhqdaqalngtimttpi