Socio Economic Feasibility and Eco-Restoration of River Coovum, India

S Bharathidasan, T Krushnadesikan, S Kandasamy, A Rahman
The River Coovum runs in the heart of Chennai city where sewage, biomedical and industrial wastes are discharged resulting in the accumulation of sludge in the bottom and this results in variable environmental parameters. A survey was undertaken on the point of pollution and a site near Mogappair was selected in view of luxurious growth of water hyacinth. The sewage waste was collected, treated and used for kitchen garden. A pilot plant of 1m 3 capacity was installed along with the 1m 3
more » ... th the 1m 3 capacity fermentation plant, this facilitates more production of biogas in terms of usage time. Water hyacinth was collected from the river bed and used as a raw material. Before water hyacinth was charged into the biogas plant, fermented cowdung was used to produce anaerobic bacteria. This helped to sustain the bacterial biomass production and the fermented Eichhronia sp slurry was introduced and the gas production was monitored. The produced biogas was used as heat and light energy sources. The sludge generated from the biogas plant was used as manure for kitchen garden. This being a model pilot plant, it could be scaled up for social cause as one of the cost effective methods to clean up the River Coovum.