Tests of Scintillator+WLS Strips for Muon System at Future Colliders [report]

Dmitri Denisov, Valery Evdokimov, Strahinja Lukić
2015 unpublished
Prototype scintilator+WLS strips with SiPM readout for muon system at future colliders were tested for light yield, time resolution and position resolution. Depending on the configuration, light yield of up to 36 photoelectrons per muon per SiPM has been achieved, as well as time resolution of 0.5 ns and position resolution of ∼ 7 cm. 1 slukic@vinca.rs arXiv:submit/1374537 [hep-ex]
doi:10.2172/1226337 fatcat:tj3yaed3wndl3biuxmujqcjdie