Thermal WIMPs and the scale of new physics : global fits of Dirac dark matter effective field theories

Peter Athron, Neal Avis Kozar, Csaba Balázs, Ankit Beniwal, Sanjay Bloor, Torsten Bringmann, Joachim Brod, Christopher Chang, Jonathan M. Cornell, Ben Farmer, Andrew Fowlie, Tomás E. Gonzalo (+15 others)
2021 The European physical journal / C 81(11)  
We assess the status of a wide class of WIMP dark matter (DM) models in light of the latest experimental results using the global fitting framework GAMBIT. We perform a global analysis of effective field theory (EFT) operators describing the interactions between a gauge-singlet Dirac fermion and the Standard Model quarks, the gluons and the photon. In this bottom-up approach, we simultaneously vary the coefficients of 14 such operators up to dimension 7, along with the DM mass, the scale of new
more » ... physics and several nuisance parameters. Our likelihood functions include the latest data from Planck,
doi:10.18154/rwth-2021-12098 fatcat:cvq3b7hglrcw7hobgvdcfgy724