Survey of biological particles in the atmosphere of the Cracow center (southern Poland) in 2011. Preliminary study

Dorota Myszkowska, Danuta Stepalska, Wojciech Dyga, Joanna Bokalska-Rajba, Ewa Czarnobilska
2012 Przeglad lekarski  
The seasonal concentrations of pollen and spores of selected fungi taxa in the area of the Main Square Market in Cracow, in 2011 were analysed using the volumetric method of sampling in order to compare these concentrations with results obtained in the continuous monitoring. The highest percentages of pollen in total pollen were noted for Urtica, Pinus and Poaceae. The fungal spore concentrations, with dominant contribution of Cladosporium spores, were relatively higher in comparison with
more » ... grains. The U Mann-Whitney test indicated that the differences between total pollen in both sites were not statistically significant for most of the taxa, on the contrary to fungal spores. The highest total pollen was reached in the second decade of May and the third decade of August in both study sites. The pollen and fungal spore season characteristics indicate similar pollen season duration for most taxa in both study sites, except at Rumex. Herb pollen seasons are clearly longer than tree pollen seasons and show periods of different concentrations. The statistically significant differences in pollen season dynamics were found for Plantago, Rumex and Urtica in both study sites. The period of high Alternaria spore concentrations coincided with high concentrations of Artemisia, however the time of high Cladosporium spore concentrations was related to relatively high concentrations of Poaceae and Urtica pollen.
pmid:23750434 fatcat:ybkq25oehbfgfgplecamnzntza