Energy Efficient Caching in Backhaul-Aware Cellular Networks with Dynamic Content Popularity

Jiequ Ji, Kun Zhu, Ran Wang, Bing Chen, Chen Dai
2018 Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing  
Caching popular contents at base stations (BSs) has been regarded as an effective approach to alleviate the backhaul load and to improve the quality of service. To meet the explosive data traffic demand and to save energy consumption, energy efficiency (EE) has become an extremely important performance index for the 5th generation (5G) cellular networks. In general, there are two ways for improving the EE for caching, that is, improving the cache-hit rate and optimizing the cache size. In this
more » ... ork, we investigate the energy efficient caching problem in backhaul-aware cellular networks jointly considering these two approaches. Note that most existing works are based on the assumption that the content catalog and popularity are static. However, in practice, content popularity is dynamic. To timely estimate the dynamic content popularity, we propose a method based on shot noise model (SNM). Then we propose a distributed caching policy to improve the cache-hit rate in such a dynamic environment. Furthermore, we analyze the tradeoff between energy efficiency and cache capacity for which an optimization is formulated. We prove its convexity and derive a closed-form optimal cache capacity for maximizing the EE. Simulation results validate the proposed scheme and show that EE can be improved with appropriate choice of cache capacity.
doi:10.1155/2018/7532049 fatcat:3jibss4r4zcwpizoaimc42lhya