Finite-element simulations of hysteretic alternating current losses in a magnetically coated superconducting tubular wire subject to an oscillating transverse magnetic field

Y. A. Genenko, H. Rauh, S. Kurdi
2015 Journal of Applied Physics  
Numerical simulations of hysteretic ac losses in a tubular superconductor/paramagnet heterostructure subject to an oscillating transverse magnetic field are performed within the quasistatic approach, calling upon the COMSOL finite-element software package and exploiting magnetostatic-electrostatic analogues. It is shown that one-sided magnetic shielding of a thin, type-II superconducting tube by a coaxial paramagnetic support results in a slight increase of hysteretic ac losses as compared to
more » ... ose for a vacuum environment, when the support is placed inside; a spectacular shielding effect with a possible reduction of hysteretic ac losses by orders of magnitude, however, ensues, depending on the magnetic permeability and the amplitude of the applied magnetic field, when the support is placed outside.
doi:10.1063/1.4922982 fatcat:b4sev42imjc3np6k3gcvpzrs6e