PTU-113 A Regional Audit Of The Management Of Patients With Decompensated Liver Disease

J Dyson, S McPherson
2014 Gut  
Na fell in 34/60 patients (57%) and was less likely if baseline hyponatraemia existed (38% VS 74% p = 0.004). A fall of ≥5mmol/l occurred in 23%. Median time to nadir Na was 3 days and time to recovery to pre-treatment Na was 6.5 days. No complications of hyponatremia were observed. Patients with VB were more likely (vs HRS patients) to have any fall in Na or a ≥5mmol/l reduction (68% vs 47% p = 0.1 and 32% vs 16% p = 0.12 respectively) but failed to reach significance. Mortality was 22%
more » ... and a fall in Na was actually associated with reduced mortality -9% vs 34% (p = 0.01). Conclusion Serum Na falls in >50% receiving terlipressin and a fall ≥5mmol/l noted in 23%. However, no significant complications occurred and a fall in serum Na was actually associated with improved mortality. Patients with VB treated with terlipressin trended towards a greater likelihood of Na reduction versus those with HRS.
doi:10.1136/gutjnl-2014-307263.187 fatcat:pw7od637ardslejkxun3dy2cka