Silica-clad crystalline germanium core optical fibers

J. Ballato, T. Hawkins, P. Foy, S. Morris, N. K. Hon, B. Jalali, R. Rice
2011 Optics Letters  
Silica-clad optical fibers comprising a core of crystalline germanium were drawn using a molten core technique. With respect to previous fibers drawn using a borosilicate cladding, the present fibers exhibit negligible oxygen despite being fabricated at more than twice the melting point of the germanium. The counterintuitive result of less oxygen when the fiber is drawn at a higher temperatures is discussed. The measured propagation loss for the fiber was 0:7 dB=cm at 3:39 μm, which is the
more » ... , which is the lowest loss reported to date.
doi:10.1364/ol.36.000687 pmid:21368949 fatcat:e5xxhzeqvrbsxetbrya25cghbm