The Factors Affecting the Performance of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Enterprises in Vietnam

Mba Nguyen, Thi Thao, Dr Phan, Thanh Tam
2015 International Journal of Computer Networks and Communications Security   unpublished
In this paper, the author use analytical method of explore factor analysis and regression analysis to determining factors affecting the performance of FDI enterprises in Viet Nam. This paper conducted during the period from March 2013 to March 2015. The research results showed that there were 250 FDI enterprises interviewed and answered about 30 questions but 238 FDI enterprises processed. The researcher had analyzed KMO test, the result of KMO analysis used for multiple regression analysis.
more » ... ession analysis. The Multiple regression analysis results showed that there were four factors, which included of factors following External factors: Opportunities, threats and internal factors: Weaknesses, Strengths that are components of the SWOT matrix with significance level 5 %. In addition, the research result processed from SPSS 20.0 software. The parameters of the model estimated by Least-Squares Method tested for the model assumption with 5% significance level. At the same time, the result was also a scientific evidence and important for researchers, and policy makers who apply them for developing FDI enterprises in the future. The main objectives of this study were to: 1. The first objective was to analyze and to test some factors that affected the performance of FDI enterprises in Viet Nam. 2. The second objective was to propose recommendations in order to develop the performance of the FDI enterprises in Viet Nam.