Analysis of Spatiotemporal Dynamic and Bifurcation in a Wetland Ecosystem

Yi Wang, Min Zhao, Hengguo Yu, Chuanjun Dai, Debing Mei, Qi Wang, Zengling Ma
2015 Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society  
A wetland ecosystem is studied theoretically and numerically to reveal the rules of dynamics which can be quite accurate to better describe the observed spatial regularity of tussock vegetation. Mathematical theoretical works mainly investigate the stability of constant steady states, the existence of nonconstant steady states, and bifurcation, which can deduce a standard parameter control relation and in return can provide a theoretical basis for the numerical simulation. Numerical analysis
more » ... icates that the theoretical works are correct and the wetland ecosystem can show rich dynamical behaviors not only regular spatial patterns. Our results further deepen and expand the study of dynamics in the wetland ecosystem. In addition, it is successful to display tussock formation in the wetland ecosystem may have important consequences for aquatic community structure, especially for species interactions and biodiversity. All these results are expected to be useful in the study of the dynamic complexity of wetland ecosystems.
doi:10.1155/2015/185432 fatcat:kpnnlfokvbfvddtbbpsqwuj7oa