Chemistry and biology of asparagine-linked glycosylation

Barbara Imperiali, S. E. O'Connor, Tamara Hendrickson, Christine Kellenberger
1999 Pure and Applied Chemistry  
The biosynthesis of glycoprotein conjugates is a complex process that involves the collective action of numerous enzymes. Recent research on the chemistry and biology of asparagine-linked glycosylation in our group has been focused on two speci®c areas. These are the development of potent inhibitors of oligosaccharyl transferase and the investigation of the conformational consequences of the glycosylation process. Since asparagine-linked glycosylation is an essential eukaryotic process, an
more » ... ic process, an understanding of the details of this complex transformation is of utmost importance both to fundamental biochemistry and to a consideration of the mechanisms of homeostatic control.
doi:10.1351/pac199971050777 fatcat:prkvaq2xkreendgm4gpnzjqi7e