Experimental Investigations of Elimination The Stick-Slip Phenomenon in The Presence of Longitudinal Tangential Vibration

Mariusz Leus, Marta Abrahamowicz
2019 Acta Mechanica et Automatica  
The article presents a scheme and description of the test stand as well as selected experimental results of the influence of longitudinal tangential vibrations on the stick-slip phenomenon. The tests were carried out at a constant forced vibration frequency f = 2000 Hz, as a function of the amplitude of the vibration velocity va. The position of the sliding body and the drive force necessary to make the body slip and maintain this motion were measured. The measurements were made in two
more » ... ade in two successive stages. In the first stage, when the substrate on which the sliding occurred was stationary. In the second one, the substrate is in a vibrating motion in the direction parallel to the slip. The conducted experimental analyses have shown that longitudinal tangential vibrations can contribute to the reduction or even complete elimination of the stick-slip phenomenon.
doi:10.2478/ama-2019-0007 fatcat:jtxmcxmytrcbff2d2abwxdrox4