Design concept of K-DEMO for near-term implementation

K. Kim, K. Im, H.C. Kim, S. Oh, J.S. Park, S. Kwon, Y.S. Lee, J.H. Yeom, C. Lee, G-S. Lee, G. Neilson, C. Kessel (+4 others)
2015 Nuclear Fusion  
A Korean fusion energy development promotion law (FEDPL) was enacted in 2007. As a following step, a conceptual design study for a steady-state Korean fusion demonstration reactor (K-DEMO) was initiated in 2012. After the thorough 0D system analysis, the parameters of the main machine characterized by the major and minor radii of 6.8 and 2.1 m, respectively, were chosen for further study. The analyses of heating and current drives were performed for the development of the plasma operation
more » ... sma operation scenarios. Preliminary results on lower hybrid and neutral beam current drive are included herein. A high performance Nb 3 Snbased superconducting conductor is adopted, providing a peak magnetic field approaching 16 T with the magnetic field at the plasma centre above 7 T. Pressurized water is the prominent choice for the main coolant of K-DEMO when the balance of plant development details is considered. The blanket system adopts a ceramic pebble type breeder. Considering plasma performance, a double-null divertor is the reference configuration choice of K-DEMO. For a high availability operation, K-DEMO incorporates a design with vertical maintenance. A design concept for K-DEMO is presented together with the preliminary design parameters.
doi:10.1088/0029-5515/55/5/053027 fatcat:gms6czwrhfcfjcdwmm3f5fedle