Lumbar Epidural Angiolipoma with Relatively Poor Mass Sign on Neuro-imaging : A Case Report
Mass signの乏しかった腰椎硬膜外angiolipomaの1例

Norihiro Matsuoka, Junya Hanakita, Hideyuki Suwa, Noboru Ooshita, Kazuo Goto, Asuka Morizane
1999 Japanese Journal of Neurosurgery  
A44 − year − old wornan was admitted to 〔 〕 ur department because of recurrent Iumbago. On exalnination , no apparent neurological deficits were noticed . Plain X − ray films showed no spina bifida . Myelography showed no apparent abnormality . Plain CT scan showed a mildly hyperdense mass at the lateral recess of L 51evel . T1 − WI of MRI showed an iso − intensity Inass at the L 5 vertebral body, which was homogeneously enhanced . At operation , an extradural tumor was totally removed . 1 −
more » ... tologically , the tumor was composed of fatty tissues and thin − walled vessels , diagnosed as spina !angiolipoma . Forty − nine reported cases of spinal angiolipoma were reviewed . Spinal angiQlipomas occur at the mid − thoracic Ievel with high irlcidence . Only 4 cases of spirlal angiolipoma were reported in the lumbar level .
doi:10.7887/jcns.8.621 fatcat:4lngina5g5gopd4lrv64diyfui