The Metaverse as the Digital Leviathan: A Case Study of Bit.Country

2022 Journal of Applied Business and Economics  
As Bitcoin continued to make headlines in 2021, additional digital assets such as non-fungible tokens brought more users into the blockchain ecosystem. As more individuals and entities took a closer look at the use cases for blockchain technology, the term metaverse began to emerge across news outlets and social media platforms. With Mark Zuckerberg, the Chief Executive Officer of Facebook, announcing that the organization would become a metaverse company and change the organization's name to
more » ... ta, this announcement came with some criticism in that the Meta metaverse would be centralized. In this case study, the current state of nation-states was viewed through the lens of Hobbes' The Leviathan to assess whether decentralized metaverses will transition to a Digital Leviathan using Bit.Country -a metaverse within the Polkadot blockchain ecosystem. The case study was conducted through interviews and uncovered that the quadruple bottom line implemented in conventional business could be transferrable to a digital world built on various blockchains, non-fungible tokens, and governance in a Digital Leviathan governed by the people.
doi:10.33423/jabe.v24i2.5099 fatcat:53bxumlumrdvbctqie7jorajci