On the Improvement of the Rifle, as a Weapon for General Use

Lane Fox
1858 Royal United Services Institution Journal  
JIodel of portion of r S t a m Frigate, d i i e h partly enibodifs tlie sjstcm proposed by Mr. G. Rcnnie for Flo3tii;sB3ttcries,i.c, by protecting tlicm with iron' or steel plates on thc curye or resiliance principle. Dqotittd by a. Rennic, Esq.T.6. Esq., C.E. JcIlaId~~tI, P e p , first Durmese, nleeanee, h-dat, Candahar. ARMOURP. Scaled I'atfcrn Iiclniet, as worn by tlic Dragoon Guards in 1812. Presented 7 , y Xessrs. Almontls, St. Jnincs's Street. ON THE IJIPROVE~IENT OF TIIE RIFLE, AS A
more » ... N FOR GENERAT, USE." BY LIEUT.-COLOXEL LANE FOX, GREXADIER GUARDS. The cII.UrJI.iN said,--'nic business of this evening is thc rwding of a paper by Colonctl Fox, of the Grenadier Guards, on thc improvenlent of tlic Rifle as n wcnpon for general\iise. Upon tho science of the rifle and projectiles, :IS upon most other scicnccs, tlierc? arc differences of opinion; mc liarc already 1i:td in this Institution scvcrnl pnpcrs read upon this subjcct, both doring tlic post and present year. The gentlemen wvho rend t h s c papers treated thc subject in different ways, each in n innnncr calculated to promote tlic improvement and perfection of the arm. As tlicrc was an occasional difference of opinion with reprd to the practical cffect of thc weapon and tlic projcctilc, the Council hwc selected this cveuing * W e wcre in error in stating in notc, pago 144,Tol. 11. that tho subject of the l h i b expansion system 11m been siiicc trcatcd of by Colonel C. C. Vilfurd. It was merely intended to convey the information to the memLers that, in 3 subsequcnt Number, a Lecture relatirig to ant1 connected with (' Tlie Rifle," had been deliwed by him.
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