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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ( 1) Research problem- since the beginning of the online platforms for buying goods,one major problem was to maintain timely delivery, since the market and customers of india were fond of going out in the market and purchasng goods,so if any goods delivery company takes longer to deliver the goods to them,the customers will not connect with the business and will make no profit. Cpd or customer promised date or timely delivery and fast delivery plays a major role in connecting
more » ... nd sustaining in the market. Methodology- the research methodology used is a mix of primary research and secondary research. Majorly,primary reseaech data are collected on self references and experience during my internship in the flipkart.secondary data are collected through online sites and wikipedia which had data of previous year surveys regarding he importance of timely deli very of goods. Key results- the key result or finding from this research is that,the online shopping platforms like flipkart keep too much emphasis on timely delivery of goods to maintain their cutomer base & satisfaction of customers. Flipkart warehouse like "e-kart" works in he best possible way to maintain cpd. Customer promised date delivery is seen as among most important marketing requirement,as the earlier the delivery,the more customer would order the product. As after ordering the good/product,the customer doesn't want to wait much and wants the product to reach the soonest possible. So,timely delivery is seen as a very important thing in my research. Conclusion -concluding to the entire process,this was a necessary analysis to be done,and collection of data to the results will help us understand more about the importance of timely delivery and what flipkart do to maintain that as well as improve the cpd or customer promised date or timely delivery.also,the study shows the everyday challenges faced by flipkart to avoid cpd breach,unnecessary delay,and delivery faults [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6576686 fatcat:nfwcqfvczbbqtk7vdfqaxpywg4