The anatomical studies on two Biarum (Araceae) species in Turkey

Y. Akyol, C. Durmuskahya, K. Yetişen, O. Kocabaş, C. Özdemir
2018 Acta Botanica Hungarica  
In this study, anatomical properties of Biarum marmarisense (P. C. Boyce) P. C. Boyce and Biarum pyrami (Schott) Engl. var. pyrami were examined. The specimens were collected from Antalya province, South West of Anatolia. Degree of spathe tube margin connection, distribution of pistillodes and staminate-pistillate flower zone interstice length characters are important in Biarum Schott. taxonomy at specific level. The cross-sections of root, stem and leaf parts of the plant were examined and
more » ... nstrated by photographs. Although thicknesses of the cell wall of the endodermis and xylem strands are distinguishing features, raphide crystals are same feature in both species. B. marmarisense has observed paracytic stoma types while B. pyrami var. pyrami has anomocytic stoma types. Most of the anatomical properties were similar to the other members of the Araceae family.
doi:10.1556/034.60.2018.1-2.1 fatcat:uz7yatcmjvdqzapvlc5rp5dlta