The RF System of Thomx

Mohamed El Khaldi, Massamba Diop, Robert Lopes, Alexandre Loulergue, Marc Louvet, Patrick Marchand, Rodolphe Marie, Hugues Monard, Fernand Ribeiro, Rajesh Sreedharan, Francois Wicek, Schaa, Volker RW (Ed.) (+3 others)
The RF system of the ThomX electron storage ring consists in a 500 MHz single cell copper cavity of the ELETTRA type, powered with a 50 kW CW solid state power amplifier (SSPA), and the associated Low Level RF feedback and control loops. The low operating energy of 50/70 MeV makes the impedances of the cavity higher order modes (HOMs) particularly critical for the beam stability. Their parasitic effects on the beam can be cured by HOM frequency shifting techniques, based on a fine temperature
more » ... fine temperature tuning and a dedicated plunger. A typical cavity temperature stability of ± 0.05°C within a range from 30 up to 70 °C can be achieved by a precise control of its water cooling temperature. On the other hand, the tuning of the cavity fundamental mode is achieved by changing its axial length by means of a motor-driven mechanism. A general description of the system and the state of its progress are reported together with some considerations of the effects of beam cavity interactions.
doi:10.18429/jacow-linac2016-tuplr040 fatcat:j35vdogkzvdalalaa6qplzol5u