Notes on a collection of fishes from Cameron, Louisiana

Frank Walter Weymouth
1910 Proceedings of the United States National Museum  
The collection upon which the following list is based was made for the Gulf Biologic Station, chiefly by Mr. MiloH. Spaulding during 1906. The station is located at Cameron, Louisiana, on the outlet of Calcasieu Lake, about 35 miles east of the Texas-Louisiana boundary, and most of the collecting was done in the vicinity, one of the chief localities being Calcasieu Pass, the mouth of the outlet upon which Cameron is situated. A few of the specimens were obtained at the Chandeleur Islands,
more » ... leur Islands, nearly 40 miles northeast of the mouth of the Mississippi River and about 300 miles east of Calcasieu Pass, but unfortunately the labeling of the collection when it reached the writer's hands was so confused as to render impossible the exact recording of localities. The most striking feature of the collection is a new species of the Cerdalidse, the remaining members of which are known only from the Pacific coast of Central America. For this form it has been found necessary to erect a new genus, Leptocerdale, and the typespecies is here described as Leptocerdale longipinnis. The specimens are in a great part immature, a fact which has rendered identification in many cases very difficult. The extensive collections of Stanford University have been of great assistance in this difficulty, but even with the series at hand some of the young could not be identified.
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