İnsanın Halifeliği Meselesi

ESEN Muammer
2004 Ankara Üniversitesi İlahiyat Fakültesi Dergisi  
The Question of Succession of Human Person. 'The succession of hwnan person is expressed in the Qur'an by the word khalifa in a plain way, i.e. withoUl mentioning the original soun;e to which the hwnan person is believed to have succeded a creature which is different from the hwnan being, or another generation of hwnan being or rather God? The question remains open. Though the Qur'an to covers no direct answer to this question; it is believed by way of interpretation that the Qur'anic view is
more » ... at hwnan person is khalifat Allah, the successor or representative of God on earth. It is even funher believed that probably some earlier generatioos of hwnan beings were created and had come to an end before Adam was created, and that Adam and the following hwnan beings were created as successors of the previous hwnan beings.
doi:10.1501/ilhfak_0000000174 fatcat:myn2ph7kbrefdbihvsjf5saoam